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Is Chébé powder the key to perfect hair? Everything you need to know!


In your research for stronger, healthier and  longer  hair, you've probably encountered convincing enough products for hair growth treatment,but an ingredient that you may not know much about? Chébé powder, a natural treatment used for centuries to help maintain healthy hair  .


What is chébé powder? Available at www.lindyhair.com

Chébé powder is a blend of indigenous herbs named after its main ingredient, the grain of croton gratissimus,  called "chébé" in Chad. The ingredient also inspired the name of a chebe beauty ritual performed by women from the nomadic tribes of Chad, who have long, healthy hair. "Chébé powder is a millenary hair ritual from Chad".

While some people swear by its ability to grow hair,  others mainly use chebe powder to protect themselves from damage  and keep their hair strong. All hair types could benefit the chébé, including "curly, dry, damaged and over-processed hair that has a tendency to break," she says.

What is chebe powder made of?

To make the powder (which, incidentally, smells like a beautiful blend of spices), the chébé beans are first roasted and then reduced to powder. The powder is then stored in pouches of 10g to 1kg on www.lindyhair.com

Does chébé powder make hair grow?

First, a word about hair growth versus   hair length retention . “When dermatologists talk about hair growth, we are talking about the hair growing from the little bulb under your scalp,” says Dr. Okereke. And despite all your hopes and dreams,  there is nothing you can do at home to speed up the process of growing  and emerging  that strand of hair  from your scalp. It depends on your hormones, your DNA, and maybe your dermatologist (with some prescription and office treatments).

But but! - you can control your  retention  , that is, "how to maintain the length of your hair and prevent hair breakage and hair loss", explains Dr Okereke. Hair length loss can be caused by several things: dry hair that breaks, brushing your hair too hard, using too many heat and chemical treatments, or even really bad dandruff And since you don't necessarily notice that your hair is breaking as it goes, Dr Okereke says that  this hair loss can make your hair look like it's not growing,  when the real problem is that growth isn't growing. is not  preserved.


As for the chébé, Chadian women mainly use it for length retention, not for growth. Despite what some may say "the chébé does not grow hair" but to hold it back. Instead,  the beauty ritual aims to keep locks of hair looking beautiful, strong, and healthier  over time, while also acting as a shield against breakage  and  damage to the  hair.

How to use chébé powder on the hair?


Traditionally, the  chébé is applied to the hair by alternating layers of chébé powder with layers of water,  natural oils  and butters  (such as sesame oil and shea butter), and the process is repeated. until all the hair is covered. It is a ritual that takes a lot of work and time. For women with the longest hair, the application can easily last for several hours in one setting. ”The ritual is repeated several times a week and is usually left in the hair, not rinsed.


Taking into account how annoying this traditional application can be for modern life (the baby can stain and oils can leave a residue on clothes), not to mention the difficulty in finding high quality ingredients, LINDYHAIR offers you its products delivered free of charge (free delivery throughout Eutrope) and videos reviews on Youtube of hair Youtubers who have tested chébé LINDYHAIR products: Aaliyah Debaron, LEMHAR, Lu_Natique ...

Although, of course, there are a ton of other options from Chebe you can find LINDYHAIR all over the depths of Amazon, Ebay, and some hair forums.

The last more to take away:

Chébé powder can benefit your hair in other ways, but it won't solve all of your hair growth issues. If this is your main concern, Dr Okereke stresses the importance of seeing someone who understands hair loss, hair growth, and hair restoration to help you correct your hair loss at the source.